Posted by on July 6, 2018, in Graphics, Photography

Women Photograph is bringing much-needed attention, and quantification, to the fact that women are underrepresented in photojournalism. One project was tracking the lead photo byline for eight print newspapers every day in 2017. Are there fewer photos published by women? Oh, yes.

That image was shared on Twitter in January to show the results. And I couldn’t resist making it into a chart:

I used the exact same information with the same visual style (colors, fonts, etc.). I also kept the order of publications from the original image, though sorting from highest-to-lowest percentage could be more effective for quick comparisons. The main takeaway here, though, is not ranking the publications or showing small differences, but showing that photos by women are a small fraction of front page photos at all these publications.

The chart doesn’t show anything new to someone who was invested in reading and comprehending the original text. But it’s still striking to see the percentages, and I think this is a case where the chart might bring pause to someone with more casual interest in the issue.