Pink joins the palette

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Pink is a loaded color in design. The association with femaleness is so strong that anything pink — clothing, books, power tools, bar charts — is assumed to be for or about women. For this reason, using pink and blue to represent male and female in graphics is a helpful stereotype for the audience, but… Read more »

Making our new Congress shareable

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The wave of post-election analysis included some excellent graphics, like the beautifully detailed precinct maps from The New York Times. But the one interactive I saw shared online most often by friends and acquaintances who aren’t graphics people was this interactive from The Guardian: Are you reflected in the new Congress?

Leveraging the archives with tasty recipes

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Newspapers publish lots of things that aren’t really news and don’t really get old. Recipes are a great example of that, which is part of the reason the new Cooking sub-site from The New York Times is brilliant. The other, critical part is that it’s attractive to use: useful filters, consistent instructions, options to save,… Read more »

Charting where we move and live

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Here’s a fun one from the New York Times. One thing I love about this is that it uses geographical information, but resists the impulse to put that on a geographical map. I also enjoy the U.S. map as a menu for selecting states even though it’s too small to be functional for New England.