Graphics Roundup: Thailand cave rescue

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The rescue story of 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave in Thailand captured attention worldwide in recent weeks. This story was fundamentally compelling for the same reasons any as any rescue story — will the boys get out alive? — but the stakes were heightened by the specifics of the situation…. Read more »

Pink joins the palette

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Pink is a loaded color in design. The association with femaleness is so strong that anything pink — clothing, books, power tools, bar charts — is assumed to be for or about women. For this reason, using pink and blue to represent male and female in graphics is a helpful stereotype for the audience, but… Read more »

Remaking a text visual into a chart

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Women Photograph is bringing much-needed attention, and quantification, to the fact that women are underrepresented in photojournalism. One project was tracking the lead photo byline for eight print newspapers every day in 2017. Are there fewer photos published by women? Oh, yes. That image was shared on Twitter in January to show the results. And… Read more »

Primary colors

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At this point the red-and-blue color scheme for election results maps is so expected that it’s unavoidable. But the primaries are more interesting. The field of candidates keeps narrowing, but here’s a snapshot of the colors used by a handful of news organizations to represent each candidate on live results maps on March 15, 2015:… Read more »

Tax Day graphic showdown

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This week, The Upshot published an interactive graphic that clearly applied to my interests as a newly married taxpayer: Are You Receiving a Marriage Penalty or Bonus? When FiveThirtyEight published a very similar graphic later in the day with the same data — Should You Get Married (Or Divorced) For Tax Reasons? — Twitter took… Read more »

‘Accuracy. Clarity. Balance. Restraint.’

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The Society for News Design honored Tom Bodkin, creative director at The New York Times, with the Lifetime Achievement Award last week at the organization’s conference in Washington D.C. The remarks delivered by Charles Blow (the columnist, but once the NYT graphics director) capture the spirit of the Times design culture that I’ve had trouble… Read more »

Effective and a little creepy, or just creepy?

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In a recent Reddit discussion – a great thing that ProPublica editors and writers often do, along with publishing full methodologies – news app developer Lena Groeger answered a question about how they came up with the visual idea for the interactive graphic in their workers’ comp series: The idea for the chart came straight… Read more »