Remaking a text visual into a chart

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Women Photograph is bringing much-needed attention, and quantification, to the fact that women are underrepresented in photojournalism. One project was tracking the lead photo byline for eight print newspapers every day in 2017. Are there fewer photos published by women? Oh, yes. That image was shared on Twitter in January to show the results. And… Read more »

A cautionary Flickr tale

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If you mention Washington State University outside of Washington state, it’s common to get a response like, “Oh, I love Seattle! But do you get tired of all the rain?” And you have to say, “Actually, WSU is just eight miles from Idaho, haha, etc. etc.” But, honestly, I couldn’t tell you off-hand how the… Read more »

Photoshop image grids with clipping masks

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Image grids are a great way to display multiple photos in a clean, organized way. They’re especially useful as promotional or featured images to use on social media if a single photo doesn’t fully represent the story. An easy way to make image grids in Photoshop is with clipping masks, because it makes it simple… Read more »

Photoshop basics (with cats!)

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Presentation for teaching here. Download these zip files for use with the Photoshop tutorials: JPG, RAW Photo credits: Yellow Cat, Blue Cat, Ribbon Cat, Lap Cat, Cat Pals, Rescue Kitten, Nap Cats, Adventure Cat, Tiny Cats, Lounge Kitten

Elegy for the audio slideshow

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The audio slideshow is like the eight-track of online journalism. For a very brief time it was a thing – a hip thing that forward-thinking newsrooms did – and then it was gone. Maybe there are newsrooms out there still making audio slideshows. I don’t know of any. I doubt it’s a form many people… Read more »